HunterxHunter Season 7? Release Date and Information About It

Indeed, HxH is one of the most popular anime of all time. The anime not only delivered an in-depth tale, but it also performed the manga arcs admirably. Furthermore, the thrilling battle moments have frequently left us speechless. However, the prospects for Hunter x Hunter Season 7 appear bleak.  

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Regardless, the success of the anime would almost likely lead to another thrilling season. Without a doubt, the first six seasons enchanted viewers with their incredible plotlines. Let’s take a look at what information we have about HxH. 


Hunter x Hunter Season 7 Coming Back??  

HxH has a large fan base that is waiting for a new season. As the previous arc had significant potential, fans have been eagerly anticipating Hunter × Hunter Season 7. Looking at its popularity, undoubtedly the new season will be a tremendous success. So, what’s keeping HxH from making a comeback? 

Madhouse, first and foremost, did a fantastic job with HxH 2011. With 148 episodes published over three years, HxH was one of the greatest anime productions of all time. Sadly, the studio was unable to complete another season. Madhouse intended to make Season 7, but due to insufficient manga chapters, they were unable to do so.  

Most animes are based on light novels, manga, and video games, as we all know. Yoshihiro Togashi’s original manga  is the source for HxH anime. Togashi had a fantastic run while making the manga. He not only authored 36 volumes (380+ chapters), but each new chapter enthralled his readers. 

On the other hand, Togashi has halted the publication of fresh manga chapters, thus putting HxH on pause. As a result, Madhouse did not cover an additional season. In reality, the studio is quite eager to make Hunter x Hunter Season 7.  

Why HxH’s manga was on a hiatus?  

The main cause for HxH’s hiatus was, first and foremost, a great deal of stress. The fandom’s aspirations surged since Togashi sensei had created an excellent work. As a result of the stress, Togashi became dissatisfied with his life and chose to stop working. However now he wants to continue the manga after a long break. 

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Nonetheless, there were reports that Togashi had a spat with Shueisha about the Hunter x Hunter manga. Shueisha reportedly planned to hire another mangaka to draw HxH since Togashi’s work failed to live up to the anticipation. As a result, Togashi stopped writing and declared himself the sole creator of HxH. 

So, will Hunter x Hunter return for a seventh season? 

Although Togashi has stopped illustrating the manga, he has written the script for the next installment of HxH. In addition, he has instructed his spouse Naoko Takeuchi (creator of Sailormoon) to complete the manga if he passes away. As a result, HxH is almost certain to return. We cannot, however, predict a certain date. 

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 On which Manga chapter Does Season 6 end? 

In Episode 148, the 339th chapter was portrayed. So, you can begin to read the extra content from chapter 340. Unfortunately, there are only 391 chapters out in total. As a result, only fifty-two chapters are remaining for anime adaptation for now.

The HxH manga is distributed internationally by Viz Media. Furthermore, the anime may be found on Crunchyroll, HBO Max, Hulu, Netflix, and other sources. Hopefully, you found the Hunter x Hunter Season 7 information helpful. We’re all hoping for another exciting season with a diverse plot. 


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