“If this is 53 years old …!” If Koji Yoshikawa of the beginning ball crown is too cool it will be a network noisy

Does age matters to do something? is there any restricion for age to do something precious and hilarious? “SMBC Japan Series 2018” Hiroshima Toyo Carp vs Fukuoka Softbank, which was held on “MAZDA Zoom – Zoom Stadium Hiroshima” in Hiroshima Prefecture on November 3, 2018.

Koji Yoshikawa who is active as an actor and singer got up to the mound in the beginning ball ceremony of the 6th round .

Mr. Mikio Yoshikawa who is the director of Empire Heavy Industries in the TV drama “Shimomachi Rocket” (TBS series), appears as a suit in this day.

When taking off the suit and becoming the best figure, “Karp boy” which is the mascot character of Hiroshima Toyo Carp has been printed on the back.


【プロ野球日本シリーズ広島対ソフトバンク第6戦】 始球式で投球する吉川晃司 =マツダスタジアム

We used a ball grab borrowed from Mr. Hiroki Kuroda of Hiroshima Toyo Carp.

182 cm tall, slenderly stretched long leg, heavy shoulder width … Mr. Yoshikawa, who embodied the word “cool” was talked about on the net quickly.

【プロ野球日本シリーズ広島対ソフトバンク第6戦】 始球式に臨む吉川晃司 =マツダスタジアム

【プロ野球日本シリーズ広島対ソフトバンク第6戦】 カープ坊やのベスト姿で始球式に臨む吉川晃司 =マツダスタジアム

It seems that not only baseball fans but also many people regarded as Mr. Yoshikawa as regards sex!
” I am a man, but I have been witnessed with body. Is this 53-year-old in reality …? What? You’re lying …! What? I long for longing for my 50s who have extended their spine. My legs were too long to be surprised. It looks like a cartoon character ….”
As of November 2018, Mr. Yoshikawa is 53 years old .

Its toughness and possession “Shibukko Yo” seems to be doing the ideal year’s

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