I’m sorry about Yokohama Apologies apologies for ordinary people who were too bad at Matsuko Deluxe, Location

Matsuko Deluxe appeared in the Variety program broadcast on October 4, 2018 “Wandering around the streets of the night” (TV Asahi).

Even though I shoot the shop staff who came from Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, at a store I visited in the location, the care that I showed afterwards has been evaluated by viewers.

Matsuko who wandered around Nakameguro Station in Tokyo on this day’s program.

Matsuko stops at a rug specialty store in that location. Then the male staff at the shop called “Mr. Matsuko, please be careful,” please.

Matsuko said, “I was worried until my feet, a good man lives in this town,” acknowledging the correspondence of the male staff.

Suddenly, this male staff confesses that “I live in Yokohama but are you okay?” That I live in Yokohama-shi.

Because Matsuko from Chiba prefecture is known for hitting the citizens of Yokohama with various program etc. This male staff also seems to care about it.

I heard that the male staff live in Seya-ku, Yokohama.

Matsuko, who knew about it, explains that he has no disgust with Seiya Ward, “Oh, Seya is fine.”

Continuously, Matsuko told the personal image to Seya-ku.

Seya, I will go by Sotetsu (line), though.

I wonder, it is more stupid in Yokohama.¬†Like other Yokohama people like “Seya Kayo”.

Despite being a citizen of Yokohama, I grow up with a grudge against Yokohama somewhere in my heart.

In Yokohama City, Seya-ku is rich in natural environment rather than gorgeous. Matsuko will spew poisonlessly.

Male staff seemed relieved when Seiya Ward where you lived was found not to be disliked by Matsuko. However, as soon as it got caught, I had a slightly confused expression.

Afterwards, Matsuko said “I do not want people in Yokohama, really.” “(Sotetsu line runs directly with the JR Shonan Shinjuku Line in 2019), Seya does not go through Yokohama Station and comes out to the city center. At last we are released from the Yokohama Complex, “he said.

Matsuko Deluxe apologizes to male staff
Even on the same program on October 11th, following the 4th day broadcast, broadcasting a pattern of location around Nakameguro for two weeks.

At the same time Matsuko visited a company selling clothes shops and kitchen cars. Male staff of lag specialty shop living in Yokohama city appeared again in the latter half of the program of this day.

The staff of the store who was tired met with Matsuko and everyone said that everyone got well. It seems that he came to thank again for that.

Matsuko shook hands with the male staff with gratitude. I was wearing such a word to the male staff.

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