Immersive Permanent Lighting Exhibition To Open Soon In Nagai Botanical Gardens

A group of artists that go by the name teamLab have a reputation for their ability to transform natural environments through creative and non-invasive methods. After completing their exhibit at the Kairakuen Gardens in Okiyama, TeamLab is currently constructing an exciting new dreamscape in Nagai Botanical Gardens. If everything goes according to plan, Nagai Botanical Gardens in Osaka will launch this summer of 2022.

In contrast to previous installations, which end at a specified time, TeamLab’s new exhibit will remain a permanent feature in the Nagai gardens within the parks revitalization project. Once it’s open, the outdoor exhibit will be alive each night with fantastic lighting shows triggered by egg-like orbs scattered over the ground, lighting orbs floating over the water, and other stunning displays. As with all lighting fixtures are designed to showcase nature’s beauty vegetation and hope that visitors be able to appreciate the natural surroundings.

TeamLab aims to investigate “the long-lasting continuity of time that continues to build meaning in this space today.” The exhibit works by utilizing the space to highlight the beauty already present. It’s lighting also allows visitors to view nature differently and fascinatingly.

The exhibit will be open by the summer of 2022. For updates regarding the exact date for opening, you can visit teamLab’s website and Instagram.

An artist collective that is interconnected teamLab will unveil a new exhibit on The Nagai Botanical Gardens in Osaka.

tokyo nagai botanical garden exhibition

tokyo nagai botanical garden exhibition

tokyo nagai botanical garden exhibition

tokyo nagai botanical garden exhibition

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