Interesting: Egg Company Hires Japan’s Greatest Rock Legend Yoshiki For Adorable Commercial

A new series of Japanese television ads for egg company Akita shows rock legend Yoshiki Hayashi – or simply known and referred to as just Yoshiki – of the heavy metal band X Japan, tucking in a freakishly adorable cat mascot with scrambled eggs.

It starts off pretty much ordinarily with Yoshiki cooking a scrambled egg meal on a frying pan with a voice over from the cute cat mascot Kiyonya – who is, by the way, made up of ketchup rice – in the background, according to SoraNews24.

Once cooked, Yoshiki then turns and wonders if he should cover Kiyonya with the Kiyora Eggs since the adorable mascot always gets cold for some reason.

After much thought, he ultimately decided to just give in and cover the luckiest ketchup rice in the world with the delicious-looking scrambled eggs.

And as a finishing touch, he even included his signature on top of the egg using ketchup.

In another video, Yoshiki dresses up Kiyonya with sunglasses that he cut out of what appears to be seaweed.

Akita reportedly won various creative awards and accolades for its series of commercials, and hopes that the two latest addition with Yoshiki would continue the success streak.

Here’s another video in case you are that kind of person who wants to see what happens behind the scene.


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