Jackie Chan Is Doing His Best To Help Promote ‘Dragon Quest’ On Mobile In Japan

In some new commercials for Dragon Quest on mobile, Jackie Chan has been showing off his martial arts skills to help promote the game.
The game in question is Hoshi no Dragon Quest, or Star of Dragon Quest, on mobile and is a very popular title in Japan.

Part of the long-running Dragon Quest series, this mobile game is somewhat similar to the classic games, as it is based on turn-based battles, but it is more socially oriented.

Jackie Chan is helping to promote ‘Dragon Quest’ on mobile.

In the commercials (shown above and below), Jackie Chan appears as a Level 99 fighter with the golden dragon claw and the fan of Rubiss.
Considering the creative involvement of Akira Toriyama in the Dragon Quest series, the choice of Jackie Chan to help promote the game is a good one.

Personally, having seen these commercials I’d even go so far as to say that Jackie Chan would be great in a full-on Dragon Ball movie. Obviously, he is a talented martial artist but his approach to comedy would be spot on I think.
If you are curious about Dragon Quest as a series then make sure to check out my interviews with Kazuhiko Torishima as well as with the director of the series Yuji Horii.

Don’t forget that Dragon Quest XI is also released later this year for PlayStation 4 and PC. With a Switch version planned for a later date.

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