JAL Cancels 48USD Domestic Flights Offer After High Traffic Crashes Website

Japan Airlines hosted an offer soo good for less than 50 USD that people made them stop the offer.

As soon as Japan Airlines’ latest promotion began, it was gone. Tickets were available at midnight on March 9, and the website crashed immediately. In the early afternoon, the airline announced that it was discontinuing the sale.

It was known as the “JAL Smile Campaign,” it offered one-way tickets to domestic destinations for 6,600 yen, which is $48 for adults and 4,950 yen or $ 36 for young children, according to reports from the Japanese newspaper Kyodo News. The flat-rate tickets were offered for flights that ran from April 14 through May 31.

The airline also canceled the promotion for flights during June, which was set to be available from March 12.

According to the statement from the company, the soaring demand caused it to be “almost impossible” to access the website, which affected regular sales and sales for promotions. The airline stated that it was working on resolving the connectivity issues but entirely canceled the sale after they were unable to handle the traffic. The deal cannot be scheduled again.

The huge ticket demand is, without a doubt, a good indication of Japan’s domestic tourism industry. Other Japanese airlines, such as Airdo and ANA, have also planned similar deals in the words of Bloomberg reports, as Japan is preparing to change the classification of COVID-19 to be a lesser risky illness and also think about making wearing a mask an optional requirement for passengers on public transport.

Japan opened its doors to foreign visitors who need visas in October 2022.


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