Japan Airlines’ Boeing 777 Makes Emergency Landing After Catching Fire Seconds After Take-Off

Right after take-off from LA International Airport on October 15, a Boeing 777-3300ER Of Japan Airlines suffered a fire in its engine.

Japanese Airlines Boeing Catches fire

Flight JL15 took off to Haneda, Japan, after departing from Los Angeles. According to Aviation Herald, this specific Boeing is from 2008 and registered under JA740J was speeding through LAX’s runway 25 when the right-hand engine started flaming. The crew then declared an emergency.

The pilots stopped at 5,000 feet and asked for fuel to be dumped near Santa Catalina island. The aircraft then safely back in LAX 45 minutes later.

The JL15’s flight path can be viewed on FlightRadar24.

Glenn Bletz is a professor in mechanical engineering at UC Santa Barbara and Associate Dean. He managed to take a photograph of the dramatic flight.

AeroTime Hub confirmed that the JAL aircraft returned to LAX after experiencing a mechanical problem.

AeroTime Hub received an email from Japan Airlines confirming that they are still investigating the incident. According to the airline, inspectors and technical personnel from Japan have left for LAX for an investigation.


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