Japan and Singapore Top The Chart For World’s Strongest Passport Again!

“The Henley Passport Index” is an index for passport ranking by the number of destinations their holders can travel to without needing a visa. Singapore and Japan are ranked at the top with the strongest passports in the world.

The agency said that passport holders from these two countries could travel with no visa requirement to 192 countries.

At February, these countries were together on the top of the charts however, Japan topped the ranks in March. Now both are tied at the top so Japanese and Singaporean passport holders enjoyed access to 192 countries.

South Korea and Germany lie in the second position in the most recent report. Both countries were placed third in April and had access to 191 destinations.

The global citizenship and residency advisory firm pointed out the disparity in traveling rights has been at its highest in the years since this index began in 2006. Singaporean and Japanese passport holders can travel to 166 more destinations as Afghan citizens, who can travel to just 26 countries across the globe without having to obtain an advance visa.

Britain, along with America and the United States, has been facing declining passport strength since they occupied the top place in 2014. Both are for seventh, but both have scores of 185 lower than 187 during early January.

Citizens of Egypt can only travel to 51 countries without having a specific visa beforehand, since it ranks at 97th in the list. Kenya is ranked 77th with the ability to travel to 72 countries visa-free.

Based on the data of an index compiled by the International Air Transport Association, the index revealed that countries located in the northern regions of the world and have high-ranking passports had imposed some of the strictest travel restrictions for Covid-19 inbound.

However, the report said several countries with passports that are lower in rank had opened their borders without having this freedom reciprocated.

Henley & Partners chairman Christian Kaelin said: “It is pivotal that advanced nations consider revising their somewhat exclusive approach to the rest of the world, and reform and adapt to overcome the competition and not miss the opportunity to embrace the potential.”


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