There’s A Japanese Game Show Where Contestants Try To Blow A Cockroach Into Each Other’s Mouths

Japan FTW: Game Show Forces Girls To Blow Crickets Into Each Other’s Mouths

AKBingo! is a Japanese variety show starring the Japanese idol girl group AKB48 and hosted by the comedic duo Bad Boys. The show is filled with pranks, bizarre competitions, and battles — like this one involving a cockroach.

Japan continues their run of, erm, extremely innovative game shows with a segment from a show called AKBingo!, which features girls…blowing on a transparent tube…that has a cockroach inside. The goal: to blow hard enough to force the cockroach into the other person’s mouth, and in effect, to let the world know just how far Japan has gone off the rails.

full video here 

The show stars the Japanese idol group AKB48, featured in different activities—some of which involve the aforementioned force-feeding of gross insects. In this segment, it’s Ryoka Oshima and Shinobu Mogi who took part in the blow-out to the death.


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