Japan Made All Of The Medals For The 2021 Tokyo Olympics out of Discarded smartphones and laptops


According to the Official Tokyo Olympics website A Tokyo 2020 medal project was conducted to collect small electronic devices such as broken phones all over japan to environment-friendly Olympics.

This is also the first time ever in the history of the Olympic Games and Paralympics to have included citizens in the medal manufacturing process.

Picture by Tokyo 2020

A competition was held to design the medal for the Olympics this year where everyone was invited to submit their design ideas. This time the Tokyo Olympics was only possible because of the support and participation of the public to make the country’s ambitions to reality, especially during the pandemic.

Hosting the Olympics is definitely not a minor task regarding the budget hence countries are trying their best to make it sustainable and environmentally friendly while they’re at it. Another example of this is the viral cardboard beds at Olympic Village residence. Although made of cardboard they are very strong as athletes tried testing its limits, they found that it would only start to crumble if 7 of them were standing at it at the same time.


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