Japan Reveals The World’s First Robot Newscaster

It’s a development that will surely send chills around the spines of news presenters around the world, because on this evidence they haven’t got long left in their jobs.

Japan Reveals The World’s First Humanoid Newscaster

Meet ‘Kodomoroid’, the worlds first android newscaster and the brainchild of Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro

Not only is his robot equipped with perfect diction and pronunciation, it even has a (pre-programmed) sense of humour.

Whilst there are still a few kinks to iron out and the mannerisms need a little work, its none the less an impressive and giant leap forward in the field of robotics.

It seems every day we’re one step closer to creating artificial intelligence that will someday become superior to our own.

Whether that’s something to be excited or fearful of, still remains to be seen.


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