Japan To Accept Afghan Evacuees Despite The Border Restrictions

Afghan personnel who worked  at Japanese organizations that wish to be evacuated from Afghanistan will receive a unique authorization to travel into Japan with no COVID-19 border restrictions, officials announced on Wednesday.

The decision, which applies to the staff of the now-closed Japanese Embassy located in Kabul and employees at the Japan International Cooperation Agency and their families, is based upon human rights grounds due to the worsening conditions in the Taliban-ruled nation.

Japan has stopped new entry for foreigners starting November. 30 in a bid to protect against the latest variant of coronavirus. The Omicron version of the novel coronavirus also tightened up the rules for foreigners to enter Japan in extraordinary circumstances.

As of November. 26, the total number of 423 Afghans have sought refuge within Japan after the Taliban have taken over the power in Afghanistan in mid-August, according to the Foreign Ministry. There are more than 100 people who are hoping to be evacuated to Japan.

Sources told that many hopefuls are likely to be admitted to Japan through Qatar within the next few months.

The first group of evacuees arrived in Japan around mid-September. The 90-day deadline for their short-term visas is nearing. Those who wish to stay in Japan are working on changing to a different visa to remain longer.


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