Japan To Accept Tourists From 4 Countries Including U.S. From This Month

Fumio Kishida announced in London during a speech where he promised to open Japan’s borders in the summer. The ultimate goal is to make entry into Japan for overseas tourists as easy as it is for other G7 countries. Now, Tetsuo Sashito, Minister of Transport And Tourism, again supported that statement. He announced that Japan would accept tourists even from the end of May!

After a Tokyo cabinet meeting, Saito spoke with the media about the plan. However, it is clear that the country isn’t ready to open all its borders yet. Inbound travellers to Japan will need to meet several conditions. To enter, tourists from Japan must have received both their initial coronavirus shots and their booster. For now, tourists from four countries, namely, the U.S.A., Singapore, Thailand and Australia, will be eligible.

However, there is a small catch. Japan will accept tourists in small groups only if they are managed by Japan Tourism Agency which is under Tetsuo Sashito.

japan to accept tourists from US, australia, thailand and singapore

Saito stated that Japan should reopen its doors to foreign tourism. He also said that it was essential to think about how to promote understanding and peace of thought. He didn’t give details on the amount of free movement if any. Nor did he explain how participants would be monitored to ensure compliance.

The minister’s comments were made when Tokyo released its weekly coronavirus statistics. There were 3,663 confirmed infections and nine deaths, which is 800 less than the previous week.

Japan to start accepting tourists from four countries

It is worth noting that the initial format seeks to test the safety and feasibility of resuming inbound tourists to Japan. These small groups of tourists will serve to create easier protocols for a smooth entry in the following months.


Source: Soranews24, NHK

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