Japanese Anti-Procrastination Café Doesn’t Let You Leave Unless You Finish Your Work

Japan is, without doubt, a leading country in the field of innovative ideas and projects. Last week, several schools had an opening ceremony that was totally in the virtual world for more than 3800 new students. Recently, an establishment in Tokyo, Japan, popped up for writers to motivate them to finish their work on time.

In the words of JapanToday, the cafe located inside the Koenji district in Tokyo generated a buzz on the internet because of its innovative ways to keep you entertained and not distracted. The cafe is called ‘The Manuscript Writing Cafe‘, is governed by rules to ensure that writers can finish their work before a deadline.

The cafe is charged by the hours (with at least thirty minutes, then the hour after the purchase of coffee) and has facilities like Wi-Fi, USB ports, and a computer stand.

It offers ten reserved seats for editors, writers, manga artists, and anyone who has to deal with everything writing-related or deadlines. Customers can also bring food and beverages and be able to have them delivered.

japanese cafe that doesnt let you leave until you finish your work

However, it also has rather strict guidelines regarding writing like:

  • After entering the store, you must write down your personal information at the reception desk, the number of words you need to write while you’re there, and when you are writing your draft.
  • The manager will ask you each hour how your work is progressing.
  • You will not be permitted to leave the shop until you’ve completed writing your essay or writing project.

Customers can select several “courses” according to how they want the staff to keep tabs on their performance. An “S” course has them push you forward quite aggressively and will even be there for you often, whereas, in an “M” course, they will gently ask you to continue the task.

japanese cafe that doesnt let you live unless you finish your work

The owner Takuya Kawai, a writer himself, said he was hoping that the strict rules would aid in focusing.

“The cafe became a sensation on social media, and many are claiming that the rules are terrifying or feel like being observed in the back.”

“But in reality, instead of observing, I’m here to assist those who need help… So as a result, what they believed would take them the whole day was done in three hours or things that normally require three hours were completed in just one,” he explained.

Japanese anti procrastination cafe

“I do not know what sort of work will be produced. However, I’m happy to be capable of providing my assistance to ensure that the work they write here will be shared with the globe,” he added.


Source: World Of Buzz, JapanToday

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