Japanese Artist Draws 29,249 Smiley Faces To Demonstrate How Much Ink Is In A Ballpoint Pen

There’s nothing more beautiful than a handwritten letter — like this one that a new mom wrote to her husband.

But have you ever started writing a letter with a pen and had it immediately stop working?

Every time that happens to me, I get insanely frustrated, and then I start wondering, “Well, how much ink is actually in a pen?”

Sure, we can look at the ink tube inside the pen and see the quantitative amount of ink, but what does that look like on paper?

One Japanese artist had the same question, so she decided to find out for herself — and for everyone else who has ever wondered about the amount of ink in a ballpoint pen.

Instead of just scribbling until the pen ran out, or writing with it over a long period of time, Asuka Sato decided to be very precise during her experiment. Read below to find out how she measured the ballpoint pen’s ink!

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Twitter / @satowasuka


Japanese artist Asuka Sato was curious about how much ink was in a Hi-Tec-C ballpoint pen, so she decided to test it out.

In order to measure, she decided to see how many smiley faces she could draw before the ink ran out.

Twitter / @satowasuka


She began by drawing as many smiley faces as possible on a postcard — in total, she fit 600 smiles.

Now that she knew how many smiley faces fit on a single postcard, she just had to keep filling postcards until the pen ran out.


Twitter / @satowasuka


The next day, Asuka spent ten hours drawing smiley faces.

She kept going — drawing one smiley face after the next — for the next six days.



Six days, and 49 postcards later, the pen finally ran out of ink.

At that point, Asuka added up the total number of smilies: the total was 29,249.



The photo above shows what the final product looks like. Everyone who’s seen it loves how satisfying it is.

One woman commented on the photos Asuka posted, writing, “Apparently it takes 29,249 and the unfathomable patience of this person to empty a ballpoint pen. Wow. — I find it rather beautiful.”


Another person wrote, “Amazing! Beautiful smile… thank you.”

Plenty of other people wrote back to Asuka, thanking her for her hard work and expressing how impressed they were.



What do you think of all these smiley faces?

Would you have guessed a pen could draw almost 30,000 smiley faces before running out?



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