Japanese Artist Hand Cuts Exceptional 3D Art From Paper

Masayo Fukuda, often known as “Kiriken Masayo,” has spent over 30 years mastering the delicate technique of kirigami, or paper cutting. She hails from Chiba prefecture, and during her high school days, she was enthralled by how she could create a small heart just out of a piece of paper. That motivated her to become quite an artist.

One of her work portfolio highlights would be an actual octopus she carved on an A2 paper with a scalpel. Each bulging eye and flowing tentacle look to rise off the page because of Masayo’s meticulous attention to detail.

Japanese Artist Masayo paper cute octopus

“The depth and three-dimensionality of the overlapping legs were the points I was particular about,” says Masayo reminiscing about the octopus she sculpted four years back. “I drew it over and over, stood back and looked at it, drew it, and redrew it.” You might look at it and think that it would take one week at most. However, you’re mistaken. The legs and 3d shape effect require a lot of delicate work, and it took her almost two months to make this masterpiece.

Japanese Artist Masayo

She’s been interested in marine life and its development for a long time, and she’s eager to share its beauty with people via her art.

Paper Cut Japanese Artsit Masayo

She stated, “Many of my pieces are of sea life, birds, and other creatures.” She claimed she focuses on having the audience “experience the beauty and strength of animals that do not have words” when creating these realistic works of art.


Source: FreeTheOcean

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