Japanese Artist Paints An Amazing Mural On Abandoned Shp

This piece of art is courtesy of Japanese Artist, illustrator, and muralist ONEQ ( negiyakisoba). Her signature blend that draws inspiration from American pin-up, comics, and Japanese manga, ONEQ’s women-centric art instantly attracts you with her female characters in postures of strength and enthralling beauty.

Growing as a child in a coastal town on the serene islands in Kyushu located in Southeast Japan, the sea is also a motivation for the Artist. That’s why she chose the hull of an abandoned vessel as her main backdrop for her latest murals project.

“I created the ‘OTAKIAGE’ on the vessel at the end of its lifespan,” ONEQ explains in her text that accompanies photographs of her stunning street art. “People working in the fishing port are all able to relax in the cool shadows of this ship during lunchtime… This is an idyllic and tranquil lovely location. An ode to the vessel which has been in operation for quite a while.”

ONEQ Japanese artist

A revered Japanese fire ceremony, Otakiage is symbolic of endings as well as new beginnings. The talented Artist picked the name as the subject of her work. In a stunning palette of red, pink, as well as purple. Her exceptional work gives the old ship new life and allows it to be used for a new role than what it was designed to serve.

If you like her artwork check out her website or follow her on Instagram.
Japanese artist mural

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