Japanese Artist Who Loves Making Cardboard Sculptures

One of the most versatile materials we have ever used is cardboard. Because it is recyclable and biodegradable, its versatility has made our lives easier.

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However, one Japanese woman has elevated the use of cardboard and displayed her exceptional talent by creating art with cardboard.

Monami Ohno, a Japanese artist aged 29, creates many cardboard sculptures inspired by pop culture. These range from anime robots to models for army vehicles such as tanks and fighter jets and life-sized guns.

She can also duplicate a whole McDonald’s meal, reported CNA Lifestyle.

Monami was doing the same exact thing she did today, 1o years ago. However, she was doing it for college assignments. Her friend’s praises and compliments were enough to excite her, and she was able to get the push she needed to make random things from cardboard.

“When I first tried folding the paper, gluing and putting them together, people around me praised me, saying, “Wow, you can make this!?”

People have started taking more interest in her crafts. She goes all over Japan as well as abroad for exhibits. During one of her interviews, she mentions how she starts sculpturing. First, she starts sketching her design on the cardboard and takes the measurement. Then she cuts it and molds it to the required shape.

Sounds effortless and straightforward, right? However, the process of constructing such a marvelous piece of sculpture, primarily from cardboard, is not something everyone could do. According to CNN Indonesia, she only makes things that she would want as decore in her home.

Her Sculptures have made her a hefty sum of money. It’s hard to determine a fixed rate for the commission since not every order is the same. Some commissions range from $909 to $13,640.

Monami claims that her artworks are not hidden messages about the environment. However, she does believe it is very beneficial if people see her art as an inspiration.

If you are more interested in viewing her work and supporting her, you should look at her Facebook page. She also has an official website dedicated to showcasing her job in order. She also uploads videos and photos that take us through the whole process.


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