Japanese Baker Makes Adorable Penguins And Seal Confectionaries

If you go to Japanese bakeries, you’ll likely find confectionaries that are just as adorable as they are delicious. One of the many delicious desserts is the nerikiri wagashi, which refers to Japanese sweets. This kind of dessert was developed in the Edo period and covered products made from mochi (pounded rice), Anko (sweet azuki paste of red beans), and sometimes fruit. With these ingredients, food artists can come up with incredible designs. One of them can be Masaaki Miyaki, who has unveiled an adorable selection made of South Pole cakes.

In his bakery, Gogashi Beniya Miyake is a specialist in the wagashi style inspired by cute animals. His work’s arctic series features white seals and a group of newborn penguins. He shapes these kawaii characters in with spherical bodies and very less facial features. After that, Miyake displays his finished designs on a blue ocean tray dotted with Kohakuto or ambered sugar, which looks like ice cubes.

Alongside penguins and baby seals, he also creates other deliciously visual confections. Other treats are shaped like foxes, sloths, ducks, chickens, and rabbits. Whatever he comes up with the next time, it’s guaranteed to be loved by the people who eat it.

Please scroll down to view other adorable desserts, and follow Miyake through Twitter and Instagram to find out what he’s cooking up next.

Japanese cake maker Masaaki Miyake is a creator of delicious sweets that are cute as buttons.

The new batch of his assortment of wagashi (Japanese Rice Cake Desserts) is a tribute to the south pole.

Miyaki made adorable round seals and penguins.

The effect was completed by the kohakuto, which is ambered sugar pieces that look like pieces of the ice.


The South Pole isn’t the only area that Miyake’s confectionaries are inspired by.


The baker creates a variety of delicious confectionery inspired by the animals of warmer and tropical regions, including dogs, sloths, and rabbits.

Japanese penguin and seal confectionary

Japanese penguin and seal confectionary

Japanese penguin and seal confectionary

Japanese penguin and seal confectionary

Here’s his website.


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