Japanese Billionaire And CEO Of Rakuten Donates 1 Billion Yen To Ukraine

Hiroshi Mikitani, a Japanese billionaire, announced Sunday that he would donate $8.7million to Ukraine’s government. He called Russia’s invasion “a challenge for democracy.”

In a letter to Volodymyr Zelensky, the founder of Rakuten, an e-commerce company, stated that the 1 billion yen ($8.7million) donation will be used to support “humanitarian activities to assist people in Ukraine who have been victims of violence.”

Mikitani stated that he visited Kyiv in 2019 and met Zelensky. Mikitani wrote that his thoughts were with Ukraine people.

Japanese Billionaire Donates To Ukraine

“I believe that the unjustified force used to trample a peaceful, democratic Ukraine is a threat to democracy.

He wrote, “I hope that Russia can resolve this problem peacefully and that the Ukrainian people can have peace again as soon as possible.”

Russia’s invasion prompted the imposition of broad financial sanctions on major democracies, while individuals and organizations around the globe have sought donations to support Ukraine.

Japanese billionaire donates 1 million yen to Ukraine

Japan has also announced sanctions against Moscow, including freezing assets and banning key exports like semiconductors to Russian military organizations.


Source: FirstPost

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