Japanese Officeman Climbs Mount Fuji Dressed as Pizza Deliveryman

Simple office worker went viral for climbing Mount Fuji, the tallest mountain in Japan.

On Japanese Twitter, a photo of a man wearing a Domino’s Pizza shirt and purportedly delivering pizza to Mount Fuji has gone viral.

Umanami walking at Mount Fuji

The man, dressed in all black, appeared to be swiftly moving as if he were going to the place where his customer was waiting while carrying a large thermal Domino’s Pizza bag on his back. The clouds in the background of the photograph suggest that it might have been taken at the summit of Mount Fuji, the nation’s highest peak.

The pizza took six hours to arrive. He took multiple images of his Domino’s Pizza carrier bag at various places along the way to the peak while documenting his ascent, which began at 7:38 am.

Mount Fuji

Approximately six hours later, at 1:27 pm, he finally accomplished his objective.

Even his “client,” who gratefully accepted the pizza box he “ordered” from him, joined him in a photo.

Pizza guy with his customer at Mount Fuji
However, neither does the man work for Domino’s Pizza nor is he a delivery driver.

According to Asahi TV, he is a typical office worker who likes to hike up mountains; rather than delivering pizza, his delivery bag is packed with various tools and supplies.

Pizza Box at Mount Fuji

Umanami Futoshi enjoys dressing up as different delivery personnel representing various businesses while going on mountain hikes.

These pictures show him posing while wearing different delivery costumes, including those of Uber Eats, the Japanese package delivery Demae-Can, and Pizza-La. After Domino’s Pizza, Pizza-La is the pizza brand with the second-highest sales in Japan.

Umanami  standing
Umanami revealed to Asahi TV that he acquired a thermal transportation backpack from Uber Eats approximately a year ago. According to his profile, Umanami enjoys delivering “surprises and happiness” to people on mountain tops. At that point, he wondered whether it wouldn’t be “interesting” to climb Mount Fuji with it.

He began cosplaying as delivery staff for several businesses after receiving overwhelmingly great reviews from his fellow hikers.

He continued by saying that he was inspired by everyone who supported him and now finds it much easier to hike up mountains.

Source: Mothership

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