Japanese Company Brings Vertical Monitor Just To Consume Social Media

The standard laptop or PC monitor is essentially an evolution of the TV design, using an identical horizontal screen layout. However, while it’s excellent for long-form reading and videos, it’s not the best arrangement to use social networks, most of which are set in narrow, tall columns.

In essence, if you’re scrolling through your social media feed using a standard monitor, it’s an arrangement that has a lot of space wasted. To address that issue, Japanese electronics retailer Nojima‘s private brand Elsonic has created an option called the EK-MD088.

In these test images, the 8.8-inch display is vertically oriented, which means it will display a more significant number of social media feeds without the need to scroll down each couple of lines.

If this seems like an inefficient way for doing non-social media-related tasks on your PC, it doesn’t fret, as it’s a vertical screen that complements your regular monitor instead of substituting it. It’s not just the social media user who Nojima is thinking about also.

It also recommends the EKMD088 for professionals who create applications and online-based content because it allows you to see how the content will appear to smartphone users. You can then switch back to your standard monitor on your PC while making any necessary adjustments to have your final product look exactly the way you’d like it to.

You’ll find the Mini-HDMI and USB Type-C charging port in the back, along with an adjustable angle stand. The EKMD088 is priced in the region of 14,800yen (US$130) and is available for pre-order through this site via Nojima’s online store, with delivery set for February 1st.

Source: Soranews24 

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