Japanese Company Gives Paid Vacation To Its Employees To Attend Fan Events

In recent years, the word “oshi” has become popular in Japan. Originally intended to denote “support,” the word is now frequently used to refer to a favorite fictitious or actual performer, such as an anime character or idol singer.

Japanese Company Gives Paid Vacation To Its Employees

A company in Sapporo will start granting its employees oshi kyuka. Starting next month, they will have access to special paid vacation days that they can utilize for oshi-related activities like attending concerts or fan events. It is another trend that has been gaining traction in Japan.

The technique is being used in the daycare facility Arisu Hoikuen in Sapporo’s Nishi Ward. Being a caregiver is a demanding job, which is why Arisu is available from morning to night, not only throughout the week but also on weekends and holidays. However, according to Masashi Endo, director of Arisu, overwork is bad for the workers and the kids they are watching. Both our crew members’ bodies and minds are worn out. I have therefore been trying to find ways to somewhat lessen that. Because the task they do requires a lot of energy.


The personnel at Arisu Hoikuen will receive ten days off work in addition to their already accrued vacation time to use for oshi-related activities. For instance, one of the staff members enjoys e-sports and intends to take the day off work to attend a competition in which his favorite professional gamer will be taking part.

Buck-Tick, a Japanese rock band, is a favorite of Endo. Other employees of company who appreciate music will be able to take time off to attend live performances. Beyond the term’s usual meaning as a person or persona, Arisu also seems to be using a somewhat flexible, accommodating definition of “oshi.” Another employee intends to visit the theme park during his “Disneyland oshi” time off and buy some of the limited-edition Toy Story memorandum. It would seem that “ramen oshi,” “TV oshi,” and even “bed oshi” would also be acceptable for individuals who desire a day off to go out to dine, relax on their sofa, or just sleep in till a pleasantly late hour given the broad interpretation’s application.

Buck-Tick, a Japanese rock band

Buck-Tick, a Japanese rock band

Endo said, “I think happy employees contribute to happy kids. “If everything goes according to plan, Oshi Vacation System seems to be a win-win situation. “If our staff members are pleased in their personal life, I believe their happiness will automatically manifest when they are at work. I thus expect that this new system will lead to a happier environment for the children as well,” says the employer.¬†

Source: SoraNews24

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