Japanese “Coupon Man” Has Been Living Only On Coupons For 36 years

Coupon codes and vouchers are like a boon to us; however, could you imagine living off them all the time for nearly forty years?

A Japanese man says he has been doing that exact thing for the past 36 years. He also claims that he’s never even spent a single yen of his own money for 36 years!!

Hiroto Kiritani, 71 years old, is considered a popular famous figure in his hometown of Japan. His capacity to survive on coupons without spending a dime, except when he has to, is applaudable. He has been invited to appear on many television shows and events throughout the years.

Kiritani states that he can get from through coupons without spending any money other than rent. However, he’s not as thrifty as you’d believe. He lives comfortably with the coupons from the businesses which he’s invested in throughout the many years.

Kiritani was a professional shogi (Japanese Chess) player and began his journey into the stock market when he turned 35. He was asked to instruct the employees of an investment firm called Tokyo Securities Kyowakai about shogi and was intrigued by the notion of holding shares of various corporations. He first bought his first share in 1984 and soon began to develop a love for it, inspired by the boom in stock prices in the 1980s.

However, in December 1989, the Nikkei Stock Average plummeted, and he suffered a loss of 100 million yen. It was a crushing hit; however, it also enabled him to understand the value of the benefits offered to investors as an alternative to dividends. In essence, when a business’s profit margin is above a certain level, shareholders are entitled to certain benefits offered by vouchers and coupon coupons.

Amid the turbulence during the Japanese stock market crash of 1989, these benefits for investors allowed Kiritani to survive. He was able to purchase clothes and food items without spending a dime. Similar events occurred in 2011 following the Great East Japan Earthquake, in which the stock market plummeted yet again. The coupons he received were more than enough to survive. As word spread out that he could live almost solely on vouchers, the man became well-known in Japan.

As per Hiroto Kiritani, if a company’s performance declines, then dividends will decrease, which can benefit investors of enormous size. Minor shareholders are far better in the long run with the benefits that more than 40% of the largest Japanese firms offer because a company’s profitability is only required to remain above an amount.

Additionally, dividends are contingent on the number of shares a person owns of a company, while benefits to investors generally are equal regardless of the number of shares. Therefore, even just one share may be an excellent way to qualify investors for a variety of benefits.

Kiritani says he has all the things he requires through coupons alone. One coupon permits him to go to the cinema free 300 times a year, while another gives him an unlimited gym membership. It is also possible to purchase vegetables using coupons. One coupon, for instance, that he receives from the ORIX Corporation allows him to select a range of food items from a vast catalog and for free.

While he can buy everything he needs from the coupons he has, Hiroto Kiritani says that he prefers eating at restaurants, where he could use coupons. Kiritani owns shares in more than 1,000 Japanese corporations and businesses (of which 800 are selected stocks) which means he has coupons of all sorts to utilize for all the things he needs. He is now so proficient in surviving on these little coupons that the company has invited him to appear on various television shows and conducted interviews for magazines on the subject.

“I only use cash when paying rent or cover costs that are not 100% covered by my coupons. I don’t spend much cash and live on special treatment, so in the end, I’m saving more and more money,” Kiritani said.


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