Japanese Dad Makes DIY Sushi Conveyor Belt And Oden Stand At Home For Son

The Japanese YouTuber who also happens to be a father has gone viral thanks to his home-based project. It involves the creation of a small conveyor belt restaurant for sushi and a tiny oden stand that he has made to surprise his son.

Morikawapapa surprised his son in January. However, social media users took notice of the video sometime later and began to share the video on various platforms, such as 9gag and Reddit. You can watch in the video that, the Japanese YouTuber created the conveyor belt for sushi using plastic train toys and small plastic bowls taped to the top.

He then added banners in front of the sushi chef and made his establishment more authentic.

It is evident the excitement on the face of the boy after witnessing his father’s project.

He also created an adorable oden stand that included the roof, lanterns, and noren, the sheer fabric he hung up in front of the stores. Naturally, his son was content with the dinner with a full stomach and a happy smile.

All above images are Screengrabs from Morikawapapa videos. 


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