Japanese Fans Rank The Best Male K-pop Dancers

K-Pop stars are known as masters of performance. They often train for months or even years to master the dancing and singing abilities required to be K-pop idols.

Of course, some idols excel in various categories because some are outstanding vocalists, and others are exceptional dancers. The poll was recently conducted in Japan in which K-Pop fans cast votes for their favorite idols, who they believe are the most skilled dancers.

1. Jimin (BTS)


2. J-Hope (BTS)


3. Hoshi (Seventeen)


4. Taemin (SHINee)


5. U-Know Yunho (TVXQ)


6. Kai (EXO)


7. Taeyang (BigBang)


8. Rocky (Astro)



9. Shotaro (NCT)


10. TEN (NCT)


A total of 47,805 citizens took part in the voting process between August 2 and August 10 of 2021. Japanese netizens were asked. “Which K-Pop idol do you think is the best dancer?” Male idols received a lot of votes from the Japanese fan base. The first was BTS’s Jimin, who got 7,805 votes. Next was J-Hope, who got 7,065 votes. In third came Seventeen’s Hoshi.

Here is a longer list with more familiar names:


Source: allkpop.com

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