Japanese Government Might Pay ¥100,000 To Everyone Under 18

Following the recent general elections, the governing party in Japan has pledged the government of Japan to pay a stimulus of 100,000 yen ($881) for everyone who is 18 or less.

Not only that, the government, along with the Liberal Democratic Party, are planning to hand out ¥30,000 to every person who has the My Number National Identification cards to help increase consumption as well as to promote the lesser-known card system among the citizens.


Population Is In A Gradual Decline!!

However, with this announcement, an astonishing fact has come into the highlight. It turns out that out of Japan’s total population in 2021, which is 125.8 million as of 2020, only 20 million people fall into the age group of below 18. If you think that’s not too bad, then you probably don’t know that China who adopted a single child policy for 35 years, has more youngsters below 18 than Japan. Only 16.6% of the population is under 18 in Japan, while 18% are under 15 in China, 24% in France, and 22% in the USA.

As a result, among the 3 trillion yen to be distributed, 16.6% of the population consists of young ones below 18 will get 100,000 yen, and 40% of 125.8 million population who hold the cards will get 30,000 yen.

Image: Britannica

Japan’s decreasing population is not a new phenomenon, and researchers have discussed its causes and methods to cope with it for many years. However, it’s always felt like a petty issue because every time you walk to the streets in urban areas, it appears like there are lots of youngsters and teens everywhere.

A Twitter user shared government statistics that show the Japanese population peaked at around 128 million as of 2013. However, the data estimates that by 2048, the number of people will be below 100 million. Further, in the year 2110, the total Japanese population of Japan will have dwindled to around 43 million, which is just a little larger than the present number of people living in the Greater Tokyo Area.

However, when you consider that Japan is the 11th highest density major nation on earth, the country may benefit from freeing some space up. This would be beneficial for the environment in terms of energy consumption and resources. Reaching that degree naturally rather than caused by war, famine, or even disease is far more beneficial.

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