Japanese KFC Gives Colonel Sanders A New Face

Japan is a country where KFC’s Colonel Sanders has become an icon. The signature look of the white-hair, white suit, and white-beard statue of the founder is found outside every branch of KFC. He gets dressed up for special ceremonies and days. 

KFC japanese colonel sanders Kento Kaku

 The New Colonel, Kento Kaku 

KFC japanese colonel sanders Kento Kaku

 KFC, has announced that it will be introducing the new-look colonel sanders for a limited time. The Japanese actor Kento Kaku would be stepping into the Colonel’s suit for a limited time.

The actor is young and more energetic than the original Colonel we know and love. He brings up more sex appeal to the role. But, he was scouted for the position because he is crazy for the fried chicken, and the KFC added he’s “the man who loves Kentucky Fried Chicken the most in Japan.” 

KFC japanese colonel sanders Kento Kaku

 KFC has already shared a clip in which Kaku eats chicken. The ad will be on TV from 18 May with the tagline “Kyou, Kentucky ni shinai?” which translates to “Won’t you have KFC today?”

 Tokutoku Pack, the main item targeted by the KFC, has three varieties with four, six, or eight pieces of fried chicken. This new commercial targets young audiences. Kaku says he first fell in love with KFC when he was a young schoolboy. The new commercial will be on screen up to 7 June. 

 Kaku said that his biggest dream was to appear in a commercial ad for KFC. He believes that it is a significant role to play. 

Source: Soranews24

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