Japanese Magician Keiichi Wins Golden Buzzer In Britain’s Got Talent

Japanese magician who had already appeared in 4 different shows of the Got Talent Franchise, won a Golden Buzzer from Ant And Dec in Britain’s Got Talent!

Japanese Magician Wins golden buzzer

Keiichi was in shock when the Ant and Den ran out to the stage and towards the judges and slammed that Golden buzzer. This sparkled confetti fell off the ceiling and assured him a straight passage onto the live semifinals.

Iwasaki was on stage during the show on Saturday night on his bicycle. He then invited Ant and Dec, whom he referred to as “Dec and Ant”, to astonish the crowd and walked them onto the London Palladium stage for a series of tricks with cards.

Japanese magician wins golden buzzer

Dixon later joined him as his routine climaxed by creating an elongated ring and spinning around in the air.

“You are the most charming person we’ve seen and also the most amazing person we’ve ever seen at once,” said Walliams.

Holden told him: “I love it. You’re funny, your personality is quirky, and you were extremely charming, and your magic was simply amazing.”

Cowell said: “My son will be in love with you.”


Source: RTE.IE

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