Japanese Man Burned His Workplace Because Of Stress And Burnout

A part-time worker from Japan reported having destroyed his workplace because of stress and burnout from work.

Police detained 32-year-old Tatsuya Matsuzawa after setting the Ken Depot Soka Sezaki retail warehouse on fire in Soka, Saitama Prefecture, Japan. Matuzawa served in a security and delivery department for the store’s small size, but he found the tasks associated due to the position too demanding.

Japanese man burned down his workplace because of stress

He left his job after a year and committed the crime within a week. The crime occurred at 5:45 pm while many customers were inside the shop. The flames injured a former colleague.

Be reminded to look after your mental wellbeing and stress

In an interview with police, Matsuzawa reported: “I was too stressed at work, so I set the store on fire.”

In a June 14 news report of Japan’s All-Nippon News Network (ANN) Channel, the firefighters are observed putting out a massive fire that lasted more than 13 hours.

It was reported that Matsuzawa utilized plenty of toilet paper and wood to start the fire. He also used a range of combustibles in the market, including paints and sprays.

Japan has long been plagued by long hours of stress and a stress-inducing burnout culture. The Japanese also have a term for this phenomenon known as Karoshi, meaning “overwork deaths.”

Japanese activists say that 10,000 workers across Japan die from working too much every year. Matsuzawa is now facing charges of arson.


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