Japanese Man Livestreams Punching 1000 Times Everyday Until HunterxHunter Resumes

This Japanese male near his 40’s has been posting on YouTube every day video of himself punching 1000 times until “Hunter x Hunter” resumes serialization.

Tarue Totugeki refers to his punches as “appreciation punches” and prays for the day when ‘Hunter x Hunter’ resumes serialization. His YouTube description reads:

I’m Totugeki Tarue! I want to continue to hit till HunterxHunter serialization. Punch! Punch!

To celebrate 30,000 subscribers, Tarue Totugeki has recently performed 10,000 punches lasting 10 hours.

japanese man does 1000 punches everyday until hunter x hunter resumes serialization

Totugeki Tarue has been uploading such videos since the beginning of this year. The public has noticed that he’s been punching in the same clothing that has since become worn out.

Below is a screenshot from the very first video posted by him of his punching:

Japanese man punching hunter x hunter

The author of ‘Hunter x Hunter, Yoshihiro Togashi, has recently launched his own Twitter profile and revealed that his ‘Hunter X Hunter’ manga would come back with four new chapters.

Totugeki Tarue was astonished by the news:


Togashi-sensei, thank you very, thank you very much. Thank you to all those who have been there for me from my heart.

Check out the Totugeki Tarue punch below:


Source: 9GAG

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