Japanese Man Who Spent 15K USD For A Dog Costume Is Worried What His Friends Will Think About Him

In an article a while ago, we talked about a Japanese male who spent over 15k USD on a custom dog costume, hoping to become close to the man’s best friend. However, as it often happens with such lavish spending, you later come to your senses, and regret comes raining down on you.

Toco, who chronicles his life with four dogs on YouTube, hired Zeppet, a model and sculpting firm, to make a real-life collie outfit for him early this year. After several rounds of changes, the product, which cost 2 million yen (about $15K at the time), was completed in 40 days.

He uploads films of himself wearing the outfit and doing things like rolling over, playing frisbee, relaxing in a hammock, eating pretend dog food, and even waving his tail on YouTube. He has also mastered the art of eating imitation dog food.

Toco, though, has never made his real identity public. He spoke with Mirror in an interview and disclosed that he was apprehensive about revealing this fact to his friends, family, and loved ones.

He stated:

I rarely tell my friends because I am afraid they will think I am weird. My friends and family seemed very surprised to learn I became an animal.

Toco acknowledged that his fantasy as a youngster was to turn into an animal. He claimed he enjoys “doing things that only dogs do” since it gives him the satisfaction of feeling like a pet.

He says:

I’ve had this vague idea of changing into an animal since I was young. I always thought of it as a sign to change or transform myself.

Toco claimed in an interview with the Japanese publication Mynavi that the collie is his “favorite” canine breed.

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