Japanese Man Travelled 7000km to Write “Marry Me” on Google Maps

13 years ago, a Japanese man made up his mind to propose to his girlfriend. However, he had a grand scheme to quit his job and travel 7,000km to propose to her.

In 2008, Yasushi Takahashi, also known as “Yassan”, was able to win himself a Guinness World Record. He was the person to create the largest GPS drawing in history and travelled half a year while doing so. He wrote “Marry Me” all across Japan, with a heart at its end.

On April 11, 2019 Google themselves had recognized this man’s effort to show his love. They made a short video with him and posted it on their Official Twitter.

In the video he explains his journey. He camped in his car most of the nights even during heavy rain, snow, as well as earthquakes. Yassan somedays took a break to relax and enjoy the localities and freshen up. He mentions that he tried different food items from all over Japan during his trip.

He also mentions that he had never gone out of Tokyo so he was able to discover all different kinds of things that he used to read in books. 

Finally after 6 months of travel, he finished his trip and he uploaded his travel data to Google Earth. He surprised her girlfriend with the final image. She said that she was always thinking about where he was travelling without her.

His 6-month trip wasn’t in vain as she said YES!!

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