Japanese Pharmaceutical Firm Says Ivermectin Showed “Anti-viral effect” Against COVID

On Monday, Kowa Co Ltd (7807.T), a Japanese trade and pharmaceuticals firm, announced that the anti-parasite medication ivermectin showed an “antiviral capability” against Omicron and other coronavirus strains in a cooperative non-clinical study.

Kowa company ivermectin drug for covid

The business, which has been testing the medicine as a potential treatment for COVID-19 with Tokyo’s Kitasato University, could not disclose any other information.

Although clinical trials are still underway, the advertising of ivermectin as a COVID-19 treatment has stirred controversy.

A well-known vaccine skeptic, Joe Rogan has questioned the necessity of immunizations and has admitted to using ivermectin.

The medicine is not authorized in Japan for the treatment of COVID-19, and the US Food and Drug Administration, the World Health Organization, the European Medicines Agency, and Merck (MRK.N), the drug’s maker, have all advised against using it due to a lack of scientific proof that it works. Although the FDA acknowledged growing interest in drugs that prevent or treat COVID-19 in humans in a September 2021 advisory on its website, it received many reports of patients who required medical attention, including hospitalization, after self-medication.

A UK study led by the University of Oxford is currently investigating the use of ivermectin to treat COVID-19. On Monday, the researchers claimed that the study was still in progress and that they would not comment further until they had data to share.

Ivermectin tablets useful for covid

Many possible COVID-19 medicines that showed promise in test tubes, such as the antimalarial hydroxychloroquine proposed by former US President Donald Trump, failed to benefit COVID-19 patients when evaluated in human trials.


Source: Reuters

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