Japanese Playgrounds Are Full Of Seriously Weird Shit

Japanese Playgrounds Are Full Of Seriously Weird Shit

The world has long known that Japan is a nation that is wildly in love with anime, the absurd and the non-sensical. It’s that infatuation and obsession with the weird and wacky that is likely to be the inspiration behind these images by Japanese photographer Kito Fujio.

Titled ‘Park Playground Equipment’ his unique project documents various children’s playground throughout Japan. Often photographed in the depth of night (to avoid the crowds) and with soft illumination, Fuji sets about capturing a vast array of unusual monsters and characters that call the playground their home. There’s giant frogs, retro robots, old-school technology, dragons and even a devil or two thrown in for good measure.

Veering from the downright bizarre to genuinely cute, these structures depict a world where children’s imaginations are encourage to wander. That can only ever be a good thing.

Check out the photos below:



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