Japanese Princess Declines $1.3 Million So She Can Marry Her Boyfriend

Breaking the tradition of Japan, Prince Mako had previously declared that she would marry outside of the royal family.

The 29-year old, who is the grandchild of Emperor Naruhito plans to marry her college sweetheart, Kei Komuro, at 2021’s end. 

She’s reportedly refusing a $1.3 million payment from the government too. The amount is typically paid to those leave the royal status by marrying an commoner.

Under the centuries-old Japanese law, the royals who wed commoners automatically surrender their status as royals.

While she does have the right to a one-time payment but the government has confirmed that Princess Mako has the option to refuse the offer amid the criticism of her fiancé, Komuro. This allows the couple to finally marry after several years of delay.

Princess Mako and Komuro announced their engagement way back in 2017. However, they delayed their wedding ceremony the following year, declaring that they needed more time to plan their wedding day.

CNN sources within the Imperial Household said that the wedding was postponed to 2020 due to a “lack in preparation.”

However, Japanese media reported that the event was postponed following reports of a financial dispute that surfaced between Komuro’s mother and her ex-partner, who claimed that he was the one who paid for his education.

In the beginning, Mako at the time cited “immaturity” as the cause of the situation.

After their discrete wedding, the couple plans to move into the United States. Komuro intends to join an attorney firm in New York, given that he passes his law examinations.

The couple, two students of The International Christian University in Tokyo met at an exchange program in the restaurant in Shibuya, Tokyo.

Komuro proposed to her over a meal on December 13, 2013, and the couple formally discussed his wedding plan to the media in September of 2017.

When asked about her relationship Mako ,as reported by The Telegraph, she said “First I was attracted by his radiant smile.”


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