Japanese Professor Invents Lickable TV Screen To Taste The Flavor

A strange and weird invention from Japan again makes headlines worldwide. A Japanese Professor who worked with his 30 students who had past experiences with creating gadgets that improve taste and flavor has come up with a “lickable” screen to taste what is displayed on it.

The official name for the product is the “Taste The TV,” or the TTTV in short. Apparently, you can taste the flavor samples by applying a hygienic film over a flat-screen TV.

Professor Homei Miyashita from Meiji University said that it could improve the way people interact with the outside world, especially in the post-COVID-19 years.

His goal with this invention is to let anyone sample food from all over the world just at home. He stated that he made the prototype for the TV over the past year and that it would have cost around 100,000 yen ($875) for a commercial version.

This product can also be used to play games with your friend, such as tasting games, and help cooks take lessons.

Miyashita also met with companies to discuss the possibility of using his spray technology in applications such as a device that can add a chocolate or pizza taste to a piece of bread.

He also wants to create a platform that allows users to download tastes from all over the world and enjoy them, just like music is right now.
One Meiji student demonstrated the use of TV to reporters. She told the screen that she wanted sweet chocolate. After several tries, the automated voice repeated the order and flavor commands. Then, a sample was sprayed onto a sheet of plastic.

She said, “It’s almost like milk chocolate.” “It’s sweet like a chocolate sauce. “


Source: Abs-cbn

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