Japanese Researchers Claim To Have Created A Robot Able To Think Like Humans

The combination of artificial intelligence and robotics results in fascinating designs. What happens if these two intertwin with bioengineering? A group of Japanese researchers are trying to figure that out exactly that.

As reported by Newsround, Researchers at the University of Tokyo have created robots that think like humans. It isn’t just powered by a typical computer but also by an additional set of nerves that resemble brains.

These nerves grown in labs are then paired together with the machine’s processor, in the process known as “physical reservoir computing”. This approach will enable the robot to think like humans and to learn from its mistakes.

With its brain-based lab neurons, It then faced a maze-like challenge. The maze was simple and consisted of some objects that blocked the path of the robot’s objective, and a few blinking LED lights.

At the beginning of the experiment, the robot would scour all over and keep bumping into objects. However, it soon became aware of. When the robot came into contact with an object, Japanese researchers would give it an electric shock to the nerve.

The researchers claim that shock training improved the robot’s ability to find its way. This is the first time robots will learn realistically. For instance, scientists have employed similar methods of a shock to “teach” animals.


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