Japanese Singer And Actress Sayaka Kanda Dies After Falling From A Hotel

Japanese singer and actress Sayaka Kanda has died after reportedly falling from her room at the hotel in Sapporo, her office reported on Sunday.

Kanda, 35, was found dead at about one p.m. the previous Saturday in outdoor area of 14th floor at the hotel with 22 stories where she was staying. She was confirmed dead when she was admitted to an area hospital.

Hokkaido Prefectural Police are looking into the incident as a possible suicide; however, they aren’t ruling out foul playing.

Kanda is the daughter of Masaki Kanda and singer Seiko Matsuda, who entered the show business in 2001. Her fame was based on her role in the role of Anna in the Japanese translated version of the Disney animated film “Frozen”.

Sayaka Kanda Dies  after falling from hotel

Kanda got married in 2017 but divorced two years later.

This past Saturday, Kanda was set to play the lead role of the stage musical “My Fair Lady” in Sapporo; however, she was not there on time for the afternoon performance, as per Toho Co., which produces the musical.

Sayaka Kanda Dies

Kanda was a part of a rehearsal on Friday, The company stated. Her management company published a statement on its website that said staff members are still in awe of Kanda’s demise.


Source: The Japan Times

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