Japanese Students Becoming Clones For Recruitment! Introducing The Goody-Girl “Shukatsu” Style!

Japanese Students Becoming Clones For Recruitment! Introducing The Goody-Girl “Shukatsu” Style!


Most people who go out into society experience job hunting. This job hunting in Japan is very “special”. You can call it special, but its also just plain darkness. NOTHING is fun about it. Job hunting is called Shushoku Katsudou in Japanese, usually called Shukatsu. Third year students in a 4 year university have this season starting from March up until approximately June(This is the job hunting schedule for 2017 graduates).


The usual flow of the season is that you have company seminars around march, do internships, and then go into the actual entry sheets and interviews. Throughout this process, you also do OB visits to chat with people who actually work at the company.

I think most girls make their self in a good mood by dressing up and so on. But in job hunting season, this isn’t possible. They have many ads like this one here with Nozomi Sasaki. But the reality is totally different. Let me introduce to you the real Shukatsu style.





We have these things called recruit suits. they are the most simplest out of the simplest. they are plain black. You can either wear pants or a skirt. For skirts, the skirt must be up to half way of your knees when standing, and your knees have to show when you are sitting down. The sleeves are up to the beginning of your thumb. The shirt inside has to be white, with no frills, and don’t forget to iron them. The Jacket usually has 2 buttons and having wrinkles in your suit will make you doomed.



Hair color must be your natural hair color, as for Japanese people, it must be black. You can’t have frizzes at all. As for the hairstyle, it is either half up, a pony tail, or in a bun. Those who have short hair have to put your hair behind both your ears. The common popular fringes have to be put to the side so that both your eyebrows show. The point is that you need to look “need, tidy and clean”.



We have certain black pumps for shukatsu. They can either have a strap or not have a strap. You must have heels though! Dirty shoes will give you a bad impression.



Black, simple, and they must stand up by itself when you put it on the floor.



This again is very simple. You can put eyeliner on but it can’t go beyond your actual eye. Its just the basic stuff that are allowed.

Pretty strange huh? And if you don’t follow these rules, you will definitely stand out (in a  bad way) since EVERYBODY does this. We all look the same and we need to in order to show that we have “individuality” within our selves, not just within our visual styles. Just going with the flow, as always, in our Japanese culture, hoping to find a company that will give us jobs. Shukatsu sucks! It stinks more than your grandma!(Maybe that was too offensive) Just leave me alone……

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