Japanese Sweet artist makes Pokemon Shaped Nerikiri and Netizens are Amazed!


Japan has plenty of traditional sweets and confectioneries to present to you and Wagashi will definitely pique your interest. Wagashi are sweet Japanese confections made from bean paste.

Similar to marzipan, the paste can be sculpted into gorgeous little shapes inspired by the season. Making wagashi is not hard, but can be time-consuming and requires a bit of practice to master the techniques.

Nerikeri is also a type of Japanese wagashi that should represent the type of season it’s being served in. A popular example is nerikiri shaped in Cherry blossom, called sakura nerikiri. A Japanese sweet artist that goes by the name 46mamma (@46mamma4649) has found a peculiar way to present nerikiri to the internet. The sweets maker incorporates their love for Pokemon and other anime along with works of Studio Ghibli into the sweets they make and the outcome is very captivating!

Image: 46mamma

Image: 46mamma

Image: 46mamma

Image: 46mamma

Recently she made an edible Snom, an ice/bug worm Pokemon which she shared with the internet through her Twitter and Instagram. 46mamma used a very ingenious trick to use agar jelly to create the translucent spikes on the back. You won’t believe it if you were told this is the first time 46mamma made a Nerikiri! Snom’s a very cute pokemon and is perfect for a nerikiri.

Of course, this is not the only anime-themed sweet she has made so here are a few of her creations

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