Japanese Wagyu Wins 2022 World Steak Challenge

2022 World Steak Challenge in Dublin gave top prize to a Japanese Wagyu sirloin as judges praised the “melt in your mouth” steak.

Starzen Co., a Japanese producer with its “Akune Gold,” participated in the contest for the very first time. It was grown in the Kagoshima area.

At the awards event on Wednesday, the wagyu meat gained recognition for being the Best Sirloin, Best Grain-Fed, and Best Steak in the World.

In a statement, Ed Bennington, a World Steak Challenge official, said, “We are happy to have a new winner for this year’s World Steak Challenge.” “Having our first Japanese entry, and subsequently the World’s Best Steak winner is incredibly thrilling. The enormous number of entries from around the world demonstrates the high caliber of steak on a worldwide scale.

wagyu steak

Other winners included Jack’s Creek of Australia for the world’s best ribeye, MFC Carni of Poland for the world’s best fillet, and Linden Foods of Northern Ireland for the world’s best grass-fed steak.

Leading steak producers and suppliers from across the world submitted more submissions than usual to the eighth annual competition, which is organized by the Irish government-run food organization Bord Bia.

With 54 total victories, Ireland brought home the most medals. England came in second with 36 medals, and Finland came in third with 28 medals.

According to Mark Zieg, the beef sector manager for Bord Bia, “Over 50 markets throughout the world, including Japan and the USA, are where we export 90% of our wagyu. Therefore, we must establish our origin and become known for our quality and flavor.” “In a setting like the World Steak Challenge, where renowned producers, chefs, and judges are present, we believe this is the ideal time to discuss our perspectives on producing high-quality beef.”¬†


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