Japanese Way Of Cooking Rice With KFC Chicken aka Devil Cooked Rice

Nothing can go wrong with a little bit of rice in your meal. Rice can be cooked in many ways and can taste different depending on the ingredients!

Here we talk about the Japanese way to cook KFC chicken using rice, or what the internet refers to as “devil cooked rice.”

What do you need to make it?

The recipe is simple and requires soy sauce, chicken stock, KFC chicken, rice grains, and people to enjoy the food.

Step one:

Clean the rice and soak it in water. Add soy sauce and chicken stock. The author included two chickens in this article. However, they did mention that you could definitely do this with one piece of chicken.

Close the lid, and allow the rice to simmer in the same way as it usually does.

Step two:

After the rice cooks, remove the lid and see for yourself the dish you’ve created.

Step three:

Take the chicken out of the rice and take out the bones. Then, cut the chicken into smaller pieces, then mix them back with the rice.

Step four:

Add your favorite seasonings, or you could just add some salt and pepper. And there you have it. Your Devil Cooked Rice is ready to serve.

Should you try making it too?
It’s unclear how much of each ingredient the dish requires, and it’s possible that the first attempt could be the exact replica of the dish.

Hence you should try it for yourself! Would you try to make this or simply bite into your crispy chicken?

Here’s a YouTube video that shows someone creating their version of KFC’s chicken rice. KFC chicken rice combination.

That’s a lot of chicken though.

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