Japanese Woman Returns The Lost 1 Million Yen And Does Something Even Nicer!

After a long day at work and getting back home at the last train, you’d be pretty exhausted. You’d even fall asleep ignoring your surrounding. However, a Japanese woman who goes by the Twitter username Mikan looked around and found a wallet underneath her seat.

Since she was the only one on the carriage, she deduced that the wallet must belong to someone who got out at the previous station. She then looked through the wallet and was surprised to discover the lump sum of a million yen! (US$9,170).

She figured out that the owner must be devastated and decided to submit the wallet to the lost and return section at the train station. However, since she caught the last train, she couldn’t see any attendants at the ticket counter. She then decided to do the second-best thing and submit the wallet to a police officer, but again, she didn’t find any on the premises.

However, the wallet also contained a driver’s license with a home address printed on it, in addition to the cash. After a brief call to a phone company’s information service, Mikan got the owner’s home phone number, so she called them and described what had happened. “You found my wallet?” said the owner, overcome with emotion and unable to believe their good fortune.

Although Mikan used the train to get into the city for work, she also owns a car for other purposes. She then rushed into her home and got in her car, and headed over to the owner’s house after asking their address on the call. The owner wanted to offer Mikan a piece of the money as a thank-you for her honesty and generosity and urged her to accept 300,000 yen (US$2,750).

Mikan agreed, and the two said their goodbyes, but the narrative didn’t end there. She didn’t expect any reward when she was returning all of the money it contained.  She had done it because it was the right thing to do. So, after the owner had shut the door, Mikan took out a pen and paper, scribbled “Your appreciation is reward enough,” and dropped the message and the 300,000 yen in the owner’s mailbox.

Source: Soranews24

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