Japanese wood-carving artist creates stunningly detailed forest animals crawling out of trees

Mori Kono, a Japanese-Canadian Artist, has more than 15 years of experience in wood-carving. He has been recognized by Contractors, Galleries, Millwork Industries, Public Arts in Canada and the US as a high-quality woodcarver and wildlife sculptor

A Japanese wood carving artist, Mori Kono, began creating woodcarvings of wildlife from wood relics after trees fell. Uniquely, he captures the playful nature of woodland animals by carving them so they appear to be crawling out of trees or hanging from logs.

In addition, Mori Kono and his crew MK carving & sculpting use local materials like yellow and red cedar, alder, and birchwood to create the sculptures. Furthermore, they include bears, rabbits, owls, chipmunks, wood signs, architectural decors, totem poles, memorial woodcarving, and educational projects for schools.

Not only Kono works mainly with a variety of power tools, but also uses a small handheld tool like a chisel to carve details such as the fur and feathers or the fine points around the animals’ eyes, the final touches are made by the artist using colors to make the carved animal figures stand out from the rest.

The popular highlighted collection of Mori Kono’s woodcarving is the dragon tap handles that he and his team discovered for Odin Brewery in Seattle.

However, Kono works primarily on commission-based and each piece is custom-made to suit the needs of each customer. Also, the team’s goal is to restore nature’s wonders to modern society.

MK Carving Sculpting said:
“Our primary mission is to restore the wonder and beauty of nature to our busy world. All living creatures in the world accept all rules of mother nature… they live in balance. Our greatest goal is to make our art more meaningful and to help society.”
Some of their most adorable Woodcarving is waiting to crave you:

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