Japanese YouTuber takes cute daily videos of pet pig, plans to kill it for meat after 100 days

A Japanese YouTuber has suddenly become the topic of debate among many communities. He has been uploading videos consistently about his day with his pet Kalbi who happens to be a “mini-pig.”

However, the cute videos of the pet aren’t the exact thing this channel is famous for. The YouTube channel’s name is “Eaten Pig after 100 days”. As the name suggests, the owner is planning to eat the Pig after 100 days. He has made it clear from the first day that on the 100th day, he would eat the Pig.

 Inhumane? or Test Of Mental Integrity

Sources from SBS News reported that the YouTuber stated that: He would eat the ribs of his beloved Pig on the 100th day. Every one of his videos is like a diary of the day in the pet’s life, but he also includes how many days Kalbi has before he eats it.

Some debate that the YouTuber is doing this to test his mental power. Indeed any other person who adopts a pet for 100 days would likely get attached to it, right? But it takes a lot of mental energy to end someone who you’ve cared for 100 days. Especially when you had decided to end this after 100 days.

August 31 marked the 99th day for Kalbi that means the day after that would possibly be the end of Kalbi. I definitely wouldn’t have the heart to do such a thing. The 100th day could potentially turn this channel into a cooking channel.

Do check out the 100th video if you find the story intriguing and see if Kalbi made it.(Also, there might be something for you guys on 3:12 of his 100th-day video that might cheer you up. Refer to comments of the video for translation)

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