Japan’s First Apartment To Run Only On Renewable Energy Will Be Built By 2024

In the month of January 2024, Tokyu Corporation and Itochu Property Development Co., Ltd. will complete building ドレッセタワー武蔵小杉 (Dresser tower Musashi Kosugi \ Google translate), which is an earthquake-resistant high apart that is just three minutes away from Musashi-Kosugi Station on the Tokyo.

This is the first condo construction project in Japan that will use only renewable power. The condominium’s website was launched on the 27th of September.

The power supply for all needs of the building will come through Next Power, the largest Japanese business in electricity retail. The company utilizes only renewable energy sources, and has a non-fossil fuel certification from the government. A High-voltage bulk energy receiving system will supply the condo with 100% renewable energy.

Alongside solar power to generate electricity, Common areas will also be equipped with batteries to store electricity for emergencies. In addition, to accommodate the growing popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) and the increasing use of electric cars, a variety of mechanical parking pallets that can be used with electric vehicles will be put in place.

With the aim of “living an inch ahead,” Dresser Tower Musashi Kosugi aims to build homes that meet the demands of the next generation’s lifestyles. It will contribute to a carbon-free world, adapting to modern ways of living and working by introducing digital technology like innovative home systems and disaster prevention measures.

The common space on the third floor, called the “ENGAWA Lounge,” is a peaceful area with a Japanese aura. It’s ideal for reading and other hobbies and features numerous private booths to work from. There will also be a “Rooftop Lounge” with the concept of a “workplace at the top of the world” with a Wi-Fi-equipped space for work, a separate area for children, and a cinema lounge equipped with a big LED screen. It is an inviting multi-purpose space that can be utilized in many different scenarios.


The entryway and elevators will also be fitted with a facial recognition system that allows accessibility without contact. Additionally, the residences will have innovative home technology, which will enable residents to operate their home appliances using their mobiles even when away from their homes.

In addition, the option will be provided for modifying the layout of the floor to accommodate the changing needs of people, such as telecommuting requirements.


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