Japan’s Glitziest Host Club, Ai Honten,Coming Together For Tuna Carving, House Music and Champagne Towers For “Maguro House”

Very Firstly, It is mandatory to Know What is Maguro House?
Popular party and event organizer Afromance (of Afro & Co.) had the brilliant idea of combining a house music DJ party with a tuna dismantling show, a common sight at fish markets and some sushi restaurants where fishmongers expertly carve up a whole tuna in December 2015. Aptly called Maguro House and held at Club Asia in Shibuya, the party was so popular that it spawned many sequels. This was the breif history about it.

Images from the Maguro House held at upscale Club Six in Roppongi last September are illustrated below:

Evolution: Maguro House x Ai Honten
Maguro House made a startling evolution, teaming up with Ai Honten, Japan’s glitziest and most established host club in the Kabukicho district of Tokyo, to create Maguro House x Ai Honten in November 2017. Adding a champagne tower served by the most popular hosts of Ai Honten to the already potent party mix, this Maguro House got an awesome popularity.

Ai Honten Round Two: Maguro House in “Connect Kabukicho”
Since we heard that Maguro House was coming back to Ai Honten for a second round, in the name of journalism, we arranged to be there to cover the event first hand!

On May 13th, during the music festival Connect Kabukicho, which linked together 10 clubs and live houses, Ai Honten hosted Maguro House. Under the dazzling chandeliers ,When we arrived, partygoers of many nationalities were enjoying house music and mingling.

DJ Performance
DJ Yuutamu was at the DJ booth, entertaining the crowd, sometimes accompanied by Afromance

Then, it was time for a surprise guest to appear, actor, comedian and singer Parc Manther III!
After entertaining the crowd with his comic stylings, including his famous punchline: “So da yo aho da yo~”, he brought out a tuna-shaped sign indicating that the main event was about to begin.
(See the official Maguro House website for the complete list of DJs and performers who attended)

Meanwhile, the lemur-inspired MC WoW Kitsunezaru, dressed in his signature black and white striped suit and face painting, joined Afromance at the DJ booth to announce the tuna carving show featuring the Taikochaya carving specialists and go go dancers Mari and Chiwa performing as the Itamae Girls.

While the tuna was being divvied up into individual servings to be distributed to those who paid the additional 1,000 JPY to join the carving show and champagne tower activities, the Itamae Girls kept the crowd entertained.

Champagne Tower
Finally, the hosts of Ai Honten who had been quietly mingling with the guests until then, took the mic to introduce themselves to the crowd, most of which had never entered a Japanese host club before. In the meantime, a specialist began stacking up the champagne glasses one by one.


As the last DJ of the evening, Kentaro Takizawa, took to the booth, we had a chance to ask Maguro House organizer and DJ Afromance about his future plans. As it turns out, he is strongly considering bringing his vision for party experiences and his unique style of entertainment abroad and he is currently in talks with event organizers in major cities in the United States, so stay tuned! To find out more about Afromance, check out his website here.

Secondary Source: grapee.jp
Image source: grapee.jp

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