Japan’s Princess Mako is Getting Married and Leaving Her Royal Title

Japanese Princess rejects $1.36 Million pay given to female royals leaving royalty. She will be living as a commoner in the USA after wedding.

After postponing marriage a couple of years ago, Japan’s Princess Mako’s marriage with her boyfriend, Kei Komura. It will take place before the end of the year. She has announced to leave the royal title after marriage.
Princess Mako will be the first woman to marry in the Imperial family’s postwar history to skip traditional marriage ceremonies.

However, before the engagement, there are a couple of traditions that the couple must go through. “Nosai no Gi” and “Kokki no Gi,” are the main two rituals the couple have to partake in.The first one refers to the tradition of the man sending a messenger to the royal palace and presenting various gifts. The latter refers to the act of announcing the wedding date.

One of the hot topics regarding this event is the fact that the princess is rejecting the customary 150 million yen ($1.36 million) given to the royal females who are about to leave royalty. And to no one’s surprise, the money comes from the hardworking taxpayers.

The first news of the wedding came years ago. But it got postponed, the official reason was that the couple wanted to be more mature before they started living together. However, different news outlets stated that the real reason was some financial dispute between Kumora’s mother and her previous fiancé. The main reason for the conflict is the settlement of 4million yen ($36,500). She says she used it all for Kumora’s college fees.

The person in line for the throne, Emperor’s brother, Crown Prince Fumihito has given heads up for the wedding. But he also believes that the financial dispute must be settled first.

However, the princess has said that the financial dispute and the marriage are two separate matters. She also stated that Kumora has agreed to settle the payment with the unidentified man.

Plans for after the wedding include moving to the United States. Kumora has recently taken the New York State bar exam and is expecting results. He will work in a local law firm after that. Under current rules, the princess will have her title taken from her. They both will be leading the life of a commoner.


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